Today, I have been filled with gratitude for being able to start each day doing things I love. Things like cooking with my husband, gathering flowers from the garden, baking, immersing myself in the nearly mindless yet mindful zen motions of cutting fruit and arranging it on plates. On the grand scale of things, running a B&B is not important work. The world does not depend on it, and for that I'm glad. But for a dining roomful of guests each morning, I might be able to create something lovely and satisfying--a small vignette of fruit and flowers, a glimpse of beauty, and sense of wonder. Maybe even a respite from the tedium of petty insecurities, the burden of the news, environmental degradations, politicking, traffic, and the usual onslaught of life's stings and insults. Maybe for a moment, our worries replaced by symmetry, vibrancy, succulence, delicacy, and grace.



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